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Shakti Unveiled

Now Booking for 2024 - 2025

Rasika Kumar presents a Bharatanatyam solo production that seeks to reclaim the heritage of the all encompassing Goddess as a role model for the modern day woman.


The Story

“O Goddess, why can’t I follow your example to be a strong, bold woman, master of her own mind and body? Give me the strength to break from society’s confines.”

"Shakti Unveiled" is a compelling exploration of femininity, power, and autonomy, rooted in the ancient mythology of Mahakali in the Sakta tradition. This project is urgent and relevant, addressing the pervasive assault on women's bodies and the continued prevalence of patriarchal values. By reclaiming and reimagining the narratives of strong, bold, and unapologetic Goddesses within a modern context, the production invites audiences to reconsider gender norms and tradition.

“No words for today’s concert. The energy...was undeniable. Rasika, Sindhu, Aarti, Amit, and Maya moved the audience twice to audible tears. Every single person in this room was on the edge of their seat. The clarity of her storytelling, the vulnerable emotions she gave. She really wore her heart on her sleeve and we could all feel it. And we could all identify with the story she was telling as well.”

Sahasra Sambamoorthi, Drive East Festival Director, Navatman NYC


Concept & Choreography: Rasika Kumar

Music Composition: Sindhu Natarajan

Jathi Composition and Arrangement: Rasika Kumar & Malavika Walia

Our Clients

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