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Excerpts from live performances, festivals, interviews, etc.

"Shakti Unveiled" (2017) Excerpts

Mohamana Varnam performed at "Guru Mahima" (2023) 

"Unfiltered" (2019) Collaboration with Nadhi Thekkek and Sahasra Sambamoorthi

Cosmic Dance of Shiva @ Chidambaram - March 2013

Interview with Diya TV - July 2012

"Kaveri, The Holy River" - Oct 2010

"Passions" Interview with San Jose Mercury News (2011)

"Gandhari's Lament" (2008) Performed in 2009

"Maya - The Mystery of Krishna" (2012)


Choreography Excerpts
For group choreography excerpts, visit Abhinaya Dance Company's Youtube playlist.
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